The Authorities on Affiliate and Authority Sites in 2018

Here’s a simple roundup list of the authorities in the industry providing guidance, advice and training on Authority and Affiliate Website growth.

These websites and the people behind them are today’s thought leaders on making money online through commission based income. Suitability ranges from newbie level to expert seasoned pro level. So there’s a resource for everyone. Continue reading “The Authorities on Affiliate and Authority Sites in 2018”

Fixing 404 Errors on your WordPress Website

404 page errors happen for a number of reasons, even when you haven’t done anything particularly structurally challenging on your site. Just correcting a URL after it’s been published incorrectly can be enough to cause an error.

For those errors not handled by WordPress and fixed by the CMS itself, you need another solution. You also need to try and find the problems, so you know what needs fixing in the first place! Continue reading “Fixing 404 Errors on your WordPress Website”

Amazon Seller Refunds: Your Options for Recovering Profit

Getting refunds from Amazon as an Amazon Seller can be painful to say the least. Even if you figure out what reports you need and put together a process to handle their manipulation, you can be left feeling out of pocket. Is the reward worth the time you invested? Is this really something you want to spend your time managing and keeping up with? Talk about boring!

So here are your options. Depending on business size, you may choose a different approach. Fundamentally it’s about ROI and keeping Amazon honest. With margins always being squeezed these reimbursements are definitely contributing to your bottom line. Continue reading “Amazon Seller Refunds: Your Options for Recovering Profit”